Sunday, 15 February 2009

My first fiction publication

I'd always dreamt of getting a short story published - from a very early age when a friend and I used to compose stories for Star Trek (and not very good ones, I can tell you!). It seemed like just a dream though; something that would never actually happen.

But in recent years, my involvement with the online small press community made me realise it WAS actually possible. Back in 2007, I got my first ever short story published - a piece of flash fiction called "Mirror Image" which was published on the site 13 Human Souls.

But that site only published stories for a few months at a time; they weren't archived, so it just vanished after that. Thankfully, a colleague - John Mains - was kind enough to put the story on his website. So you can read it here (please take a look around John's site while you're there - he has some really interesting stuff on it):

John is currently compiling a history of the old Pan Books of Horror, and you can see his site on that at:

Super stuff for those like me who were weaned reading these Pan Books! :)

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