Saturday, 14 February 2009

Playing at being a writer, interviewer and editor

I've been extremely lucky in recent years. First, by chance, I hooked up with a brilliant ezine, Pantechnicon, just as it was starting up. This gave me the chance to try something I'd never done before - interviewing writers and horror film directors - and getting those interviews published on the internet. I've interviewed some amazing people to date, and I'll be posting links to my interviews (and even posting whole interviews) here shortly so that you can take a look.

Pantechnicon ezine is edited by Trudi Topham and can be found at:

Then, I got the opportunity to co-edit a printed magazine, The Thinking Man's Crumpet, with my colleague, Coral King. TTMC aims to publish new women writers (and the occasional man!) of both fiction and non fiction, in the genres of horror, sf, fantasy and erotica. You can find out about TTMC at:

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